Thursday, April 28, 2011

AM SO AS - now re-published on Kindle

AM SO AS - the novel that gave a Voice to the Videogame Generation - is now available at the Amazon Kindle store:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BaNGST - re-published!

BaNGST is real.

BaNGST - The Collected Words of legendary Game Designer, Scientist and Inventor “Godfrey (Call Me `God’ for short) "The Great” Velikovsky... 

The book BaNGST includes: 
  • "SYZYGYZM", Godfrey's “Illustrated Manifesto”. 
  • "NINCOMPOOP" a `Confessional’ by a Roomful of Chimps with a Typewriter, who claim to have killed “God"... 
  • a TV Pilot script written by The Great Velikovsky, called "EVERYDAY JOE"... 
It is recommended that this book should only be read after the novel "AM SO AS - A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols.

Many people still feel that Godfrey `The Great' Velikovsky was the world's most misunderestimated genius... 


Experience stuff.

Attack of the Upside Down Flying Robots

An epic sci-fi musical, about a Day in the Life of a plastic bag.

This reflects The Great Velikovsky's obsession with plastic bags.

See the novel AM SO AS for more.

Excerpts from the documentary movie: WHO WAS THE GREAT VELIKOVSKY?

A rare excerpt from the documentary film about the life and work of Godfrey "The Great" Velikovsky, the main character from the novel "AM SO AS".

AM SO AS – A Meaningless Sequence Of Arbitrary Symbols” - the classic novel that gave a Voice to the Videogame Generation.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The classic novel that defined the Videogame Generation - AM SO AS published

AM SO AS - A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols - the classic novel - has just been published on the Kindle store.

AM SO AS – A Meaningless Sequence Of Arbitrary Symbols” is an illustrated Satirical Magic-Realist Science-Fiction Coming-of-Age Adventure novel

Discover the classic novel that gave a Voice to the Videogame Generation.

- If you play Videogames, or if you've ever wanted to be a Game Designer, or you already work in Videogames, this book is essential e-reading. 

The Story: OSCAR, a disenfranchised 18-year-old, video-game-addicted American youth, meets - and is Mentored by - his hero, GODFREY (82) - a world-famous Game Designer… Oscar soon discovers that his `hero’ is: an evil cult leader; Reality-TV Producer; and - as the inventor of a Time Machine, believes that He is God. Oscar realizes to his horror, that he must kill Godfrey - despite that Godfrey may be his future self… 

...Will Oscar decode the `Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols’ in time..? 

With a Theme of - Game Designers as the New Gods… Read this classic work, and find out why Jesus is holding a machine gun on the cover. And, why he looks so angry.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald defined The Jazz Age
On The Road by Jack Kerouac defined the Beat Generation.
Am So As by Oscar Velikovsky is - the Voice of the Videogame Generation

"A breath-taking, mind-bending work of commercial-literary novelistic genius, Am So As is The Catcher In the Rye meets The Third Policeman via Breakfast of Champions… Or, something. - It is nothing less than The Voice of The Videogame Generation." - The New York Thymes.