Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BaNGST - re-published!

BaNGST is real.

BaNGST - The Collected Words of legendary Game Designer, Scientist and Inventor “Godfrey (Call Me `God’ for short) "The Great” Velikovsky... 

The book BaNGST includes: 
  • "SYZYGYZM", Godfrey's “Illustrated Manifesto”. 
  • "NINCOMPOOP" a `Confessional’ by a Roomful of Chimps with a Typewriter, who claim to have killed “God"... 
  • a TV Pilot script written by The Great Velikovsky, called "EVERYDAY JOE"... 
It is recommended that this book should only be read after the novel "AM SO AS - A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols.

Many people still feel that Godfrey `The Great' Velikovsky was the world's most misunderestimated genius... 


Experience stuff.

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